Do you need to use your voice to lead, teach, influence others? Does it feel like hard work? Then I can help!

I’m a voice therapist, and I’m dedicated to empowering you to speak with impact. As a music therapist and speech and language therapist, joining the dots between body, mind and voice is my passion, and is key to you speaking with success.

My services are particularly tailored to women in business, based on appreciation of the unique challenges that women face, and also an understanding of how women communicate.

A particular challenge faced by women in business today is how to communicate with confidence, while still being seen as authentic, warm and trustworthy.

My services

Speak with confidence

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Resilient Voice

not hoarse, good voice projection


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Corporate Services

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Over the last number of years Linda Coyle has helped women who

Don’t feel confident in certain speaking situations

Have difficulty speaking up in conflict situations

Are not being heard in meetings

Have difficulty giving presentations

Lose their train of thought or go blank in stressful situations

Have voice issues


Speak clearly and energetically

Develop a flexible, engaging voice

Speak with a voice that transmits confidence


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